Charitable Donations

Does your company have a program where it allows you to apply for charitable donations to various groups? Or do you make charitable donations yourself for philanthropic and/or tax deduction purposes?

Did you know you can make charitable donations directly to 1st Milton Scouting?

Scouts Canada is a registered charity,  and by following the process which I have outlined below you can direct your donation back into our group.

Donations over $20 will qualify for a tax receipt.

Some parents have asked about doing a charitable donation in place of one of our fundraisers.  We would prefer your child do the fundraising.  Fundraising teaches Scouts important life and business skills such as marketing, strategy development and financial responsibility, and improves self-esteem and confidence.

Charitable donations to 1st Milton also can not be directed to a specific youth.  So while donating to 1st Milton may have the same end result of fundraising (the group gets money to fund adventures and programming) we can not give your child any of the “direct” benefits of that fundraiser.  I.E. you can make a donation which will meet the fundraising target but you will still have to pay for the camp / sleep over as your donation can’t go specifically to your child.

If you would like to make a donation directly to 1st Milton please use the following process:

Secure Online Donation (Preferred Method):

  1. Visit
  2. Under Designation please select “Group Designation Indicate Name in the Comment Field
  3. Under Comment Field please put “1st Milton Group, Credit Hills Area, Central Escarpment Council”

By Post (Manual Method):

The Donor will send their donation and a letter addressed to:

Scouts Canada, Central Escarpment Council,
10 Kodiak Cr., Unit 120
Toronto Ontario M3J 3G5
Attention: Jenevie Austin, Administrative Assistant

  • The Donors letter should confirm where they wish the donation to be made and be sure to include the Group’s Name – 1st Milton Group or the Scout Fund they are donating the money.
  • The Central Ontario Office will prepare a Tax Receipt and Thank You Letter to the Donor.
  • The Central Ontario Office will prepare a cheque in the name of the Group specified in the letter and forwarded it to the Group along with a copy of the Thank You Letter sent to the Donor.