ScoutsTracker-250w.fwScoutsTracker can be found at  it is an online portal that allows Scouters, youth, and parents to manage the day-to-day operations of our sections.  To log into ScoutsTracker you must first have a login created for you by one of our Scouters.  Please send them an email to request your account.  Generally speaking, each parent contact is setup with an account at the start of the Scouting year.  You can try the “Forgot My Password” link using you email address to see if you can recover your password in the event that you have forgotten.  Once inside ScoutsTracker you can see your sections schedule.  You can RSVP your child to events and see if you owe any fees for the event.  You can also track Badge and Award as well as the new Canadian Path Outdoor Adventure Skills progress in ScoutsTracker.

The ScoutsTracker record moves with your child from Beavers, to Cubs, to Scouts and so on allowing the Scouters in each section to have a living record of your child’s progress through their time in Scouting.  This allows us to see what your child has accomplished to date, and gives us a good indication of where we can go next.

Scouter Chris from 1st Milton Cubs has taken some time to record a few help video’s to get you started with ScoutsTracker



How to get your sections calendar on your Google Calendar

How to RSVP to and Event