Scout Troop Fall Camp – Permit Camp 2017

Scout Troop Fall Camp – Permit Camp 2017

Scouts blaze their own trail, but before they can do that they need to be prepared for their adventures by learning essential skills that will help them to have fun and safe adventures for years to come. 

The permit camp is a key skills camp that allows our Scouts to learn how to use tools for camp safely.  Earning their permits is an important goal for our Scouts so they can take a primary role in the setup and operation of camps going forward.

1st Milton Scouts participated in the Annual Mississauga / Wellington Area Permit Camp this past weekend.  The Scouts had the opportunity to earn their 4 permits

  • Knife
  • Axe & Saw
  • Stove & Lantern
  • Fire & Match

As well as work on two core ScoutCraft skills, knots and lashings.  The focus of the permits are on safety with the tools and all of the kids learned what it takes to stand up a camp and ensure that the equipment is in good shape and reliable.