General Resources

The Canadian Path

In 2015 Scouts Canada unveiled it’s new program — The Canadian Path.  At 1st Milton we began implementing this program in the 2015-2016 Scouting year and our 2016-2017 Program will see all of our youth and Scouter “On The Canadian Path”



Scouts Canada Membership Management System

The Membership Management System of Scouts Canada is know less formally as “MyScouts”  This portal allows you to register your child as well as keep their information current and up to date.



Scouts Canada Online Help Centre

In spite of our best efforts every now and then we need help.  The Scouts Canada Online Support Centre can help answer questions, and help provide support for some of the other Scouts Tools such as “MyScouts” and “ScoutsTracker”




ScoutsTracker is an online tool that helps track and maintain our sections calendar, as well as badge, awards, and outdoor adventure skills progress.  Please see our ScoutsTracker Page for more information.