Not just for Boys!


Since 1991 Scouts Canada has been a fully CO-ED organization!


On May 14, 1984, Jeanne Sauvé became the first female Governor General of Canada, and therefore the Chief Scout of Canada — Canada’s top Scout was a woman!

Scouting is co-ed in most parts of the world, and should be everywhere!  Fundamental to Scouting is a belief that discrimination is wrong. People should be treated equally and not put into separate boxes by the colour of their skin, their social class, their nationality, their religion, sexual orientation, gender expression or their biological sex.

Scouting is fun with purpose, that purpose being helping young people develop into responsible, capable citizens. Learning to work with the diversity in society is extremely important and represents the only way of really solving problems of harassment, family violence, and misunderstanding between people.

In segregated programs, boys and girls learn to look for differences between themselves, widening the gulf between genders. In non-segregated Scouting, young people work together and learn that other people are just like them, not aliens from Mars or Venus.

By embracing diversity we learn to live together so that we can build a better world for everyone.