Personal Achievement Badges

Personal Achievement Badges (PAB) are designed to allow Scouting youth to acquire skills and knowledge in areas that are of particular interest to them, and to have that development recognized as part of their growth through Scouting. They give your child the opportunity to try something new, and to set achievable goals.

Personal Achievement badges are generally pursued individually, and outside of weekly meetings. While we encourage our youth to pursue their interests; there is no requirement to earn these Personal Achievement Badges as part of the core program. They can be pursued by Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts and Scouts.

If your child decides to take on the challenge of achieving a badge, he or she first chooses the badge on which to focus. There are guides for each age group that describe all badges and list great tips and ideas for adventures to pursue.

Guide to Beaver Scout Personal Achievement Badges

Guide to Cub Scout Personal Achievement Badges

Guide to Scout Personal Achievement Badges

To set out on a journey to earn a Personal Achievement Badge your child must follow the same Plan-Do-Review process that is also a fundamental part of the Core Scouting program. 


Once your child has chosen a badge, he or she needs develop a plan. Your child can be supported in making a plan by asking some of the following questions:

“What is your end goal? What would you like to accomplish?”, “Why would you like to achieve this badge? What do you hope to be able to do better?”, “What experience do you have already that goes with this badge theme?”, “What do you need to learn or to experience to meet your goal?”, “How can we make this into an adventure?”

Next, your child needs to plan for adventures related to the theme of the badge. A Beaver Scout needs to plan 3 adventures, Cub Scouts must complete 4 adventures and Scouts need to set 5 personal goals.

Your child can record his/her plan using the PAB planning template and discuss this with the Section Scouters before setting out on the adventures.

Beavers PAB Planning Template

Cubs PAB Planning Template

Scouts PAB Planning Template


After your child’s plan has been reviewed with the Section Scouters; it is time to get out there and embark on your exciting adventures. There is no set timelines in which these adventures need to be completed, you can do this at your own pace. Most importantly, completing the adventures for the badge must be exciting, fun and challenging for the youth!


Now that you’ve completed your adventures for this badge, review your work:

“What do you know now that you did not know before?”, “What was most exciting about achieving this badge?”, “What would you like to share with the other Youth about achieving this badge?”

Write or draw out your thoughts and learning in the review section of the template. 

Next; bring your work together with anything else you would like to share (photos, crafts,  etc.) to your Scouters to review with them. After that; they will award you with your badge!

Visit the Uniform Badges Placement Guide page on our website to check where you Personal Achievement Badges should be placed on your uniform.