Scouts: Ages 11-14

Scouts are youth aged 11-14 who are learning to blaze their own trail, jumping into more leadership opportunities by planning adventures and giving back to their community in meaningful ways. Scouts can take their outdoor adventure skills to the next level with activities like mountain biking, rock climbing and lots of camping, and explore memorable opportunities like national or international jamborees. Through Scouts, youth discover their unique capabilities and personal progression as they discover the world through Scouting.

A Scout Section is called a “Troop” and youth within a Troop are organized into smaller teams called “Patrols”. As a Scout you are taking a stronger role in the types of adventures your Troop is undertaking and you’re learning more advanced skills. The motto for Scouts is: Be Prepared.

What do Scouts do? We should ask, what don’t Scouts do? The Scouting Method of learning by doing continues as Scouts take on more challenging adventures. Scouts may be partaking in multi-day camping excursions, completing their axe and saw permit or learning more advanced first aid to help others in a time of need. In Scouts youth will paddle across lakes, build their own campfires and understand the importance of Leave-No-Trace.

Community service is another important part of being a Scout. Whether it’s stepping up to assist during a time of crisis in the community or simply by helping an elderly neighbour, Scouts instills a sense of civic pride and responsibility.


  • Camping, including winter camping
  • Axe and saw permit
  • Rock Climbing
  • National & International Jamborees
  • Scoutcraft
  • Paddling (canoeing/kayaking)