Time to visit the Scout Shop! – Uniforms for 2016-2017

Time to visit the Scout Shop! – Uniforms for 2016-2017

With regular meetings about a month away it is time to plan to visit the Scout Shop for all of your uniform needs.  Our closest Scout Shop is in Oakville Ontario at 165 Randall St, Oakville, ON L6J 1P4.  When buying your uniform for your new Beaver or Cub you will want to try and get something slightly large for them so it will hopefully last until it is time to move up to the next Scouting level.  The staff at the Scout Shop can help you with sizing, they are very knowledgeable, just let the know you would like to try and get 2-3 years out of the uniform and they will try their best.

For Beavers, you must get a Blue Beaver Bucket Hat, and a Brown Vest.  T-Shirts and pants are optional.  Don’t worry about crests, tails, neckers or woggles those will be supplies by our group when your child is invested into the colony after the start of our Scouting year.

For Cubs you will need a Grey Cub Hat, and Grey Long sleeved cub shirt.  The blue activity pants and grey activity t-shirt are optional but generally come in handy at camps and during formal functions.  Like with the Beavers, crests, neckers and woggles will be supplied upon investiture.

It is the expectation of the group that your Beaver or Cub will be in uniform at each meeting.  Being considered in uniform also means having their badges attached to their uniform in the proper location.  Although many badges are iron on, and there are products designed to stick the badges on even the manufacturers themselves still recommend sewing on badges for long term use.  Lost badges will have to be replaces at the cost to the parents.

Crests and Badge placement guides can be found here on our group website under the “Parents” drop down menu.  If you have any question about where badges or crests go please approach one of your leaders.

The full uniform (including crests and badges) is an impressive sight and a source of great pride for the wearer.  Not only are you representing Scouting when you put on your uniform but you are showing the world the accomplishments and achievements of your Scouting Journey to date.