Investiture Night.

Investiture Night.

The Investiture Ceremony is a very important part of the Scouting tradition. In this ceremony, returning youth and Scouters reaffirm their Scouting Promise and their commitment to Baden-Powell’s vision, while the new youth and Scouters have the excitement of making their Promise for the very first time.

If this is your child’s first time being invested with our group, or if they have moved up from one section to another they will receive our group necker, and a woggle and for Beaver Scouts, their tail.  Returning Beavers and Cubs will receive their new Tail (Beaver) and next stage woggle (Cubs).

You will also receive crests and badges which need to be placed on the uniform.  It is important to get badges onto the uniform as soon after they are awarded / earned as possible.

Getting them on quickly will help you not to loose them.  Investiture of a new member into our group costs the group money which we happily pay. As a parent your job is to help get these badges onto the uniform so they are not lost and that the investment that the group has made into your child’s uniform is not wasted.

Youth and Scouters take pride in their uniforms, and feel a great sense of accomplishment when they earn badges.  Please support and foster this sense of pride by helping your child display their achievements and progress on their uniform.

Finally when we participate in larger Scouting activities having the identifying badges (Group, Area, Council) help us, and event organizers keep track of and quickly identify youth.

Our Parents Section has the most up to date version of the uniform badge placement guide.  Please use the guide to help you ensure the badges have been placed in the correct spot. If you have any questions about where a badge should go, please ask one of your Scouters.

The Cub Scout guide can be found here –

The Beaver Scout guide can be found Here –