#1stMilton – Social Media & Scouting!

#1stMilton – Social Media & Scouting!

After a long and at times gruelling debate we are proud to release to the world #1stMilton  This social media hash-tag will allow the entire 1st Milton family to share their fun and exciting Scouting adventure with each other. 

Did your Beaver or Cub just come home excite and proud of something they did at a meeting or event?  capture that moment with the #1stMilton tag and share it with the rest of our Scouting family.

Want to keep up with what’s happening at our meetings, on our hikes or at camp (if we have cell service) then follow the #1stMilton hash-tag to see the adventure unfold in front of you.

The main 1st Milton Social Media accounts will be watching that hash-tag and will share out the best of the best so that everyone can see what a great time we have in our group!

A strong social media presence is important for our growth strategy and to engage with our parents and youth members.  Please help us raise our Social Media profile by engaging in this conversation!If you have not already done so please make sure that you are following us on Facebook, Twitter & InstaGram.