New Colony – Registration is Open (Beaver Scouts)

New Colony – Registration is Open (Beaver Scouts)

1st Milton Scouting has committed to group growth to better serve the community of Milton and it’s Youth.  In December 2016 we were proud to announce to our membership, and council that we intended to launch a new Beaver Scout Colony in January 2017.  This new colony would allow us to being in 20 new children aged 5-7 to 1st Milton, and to Scouting.  Most of the children have been on waiting lists waiting for space to open up in a group, and we are thrilled that we have been able to expand to accommodate more youth into the Scouting movement. 

This growth was only made possible by our adult volunteers.  Our Beaver Scout Leadership team has worked hard through the holidays on all of the back end logistics required to launch our new colony.

On January 2, 2017 we opened winter registration for both of our Beaver Colonies to allow us to bring in new friends.  Youth on the waiting list were given time to register before we made this announcement to give those waiting the longest the first opportunity at the new spaces. 

We still have open spaces in both of our Beaver colonies.  If you have a child between 5-7 years old and would like to have them participate in Beaver Scouts you can register with us today, and start right away!  Scouts Canada is a Co-ED organization, registration is open to all genders.  Registration is on a first come basis.

Registration is done on-line through the “MyScouts” membership portal.  To register please review this Scouts Canada Help Desk article: