Campfire! How a Scout celebrates Earth Hour

Campfire! How a Scout celebrates Earth Hour

During Earth Hour people are encouraged to power down all their lights and electronics between 8;30pm and 9:30pm, so what better way to celebrate Earth Hour than to attend a large Scouts Campfire. 

The Central Escarpment Council of Scouts Canada (CEC) along with the staff at Blue Springs Scout Reserve held a huge campfire for all who wished to attend, and attend they did.  The event even attracted those from outside our council with groups from The Greater Toronto Council, Yellow Briar and Shining Waters council coming out to enjoy an evening of silly songs and the glow of the fire. 

A small but strong group of 1st Milton Beavers and Cubs were there to lend their voices to the choir. 

It was a chilly night but there were lots of action songs to get us up and moving, the rain we had seen earlier in the day held off so that we could come together as a group in celebration of ourselves as Scouts and for Earth Hour. 

Thank you to everyone who took time to organize this event for the youth and their families.  I can’t think of any better way to disconnect for Earth Hour than this.  We’re already looking forward to next year!